Exploitation Awareness


  • What is grooming?
  • What is a healthy and unhealthy relationship?
  • Patterns of grooming
  • How to spot the signs
  • Consent
  • Safety in relationships
  • Setting boundaries
  • Use of technology
  • Are boys vulnerable too?
  • Drugs & Alcohol in grooming
  • Internal trafficking
  • What to do and where to get help

R.A.P (Reality About Porn)


  • What is meant by the term PORN (terminology included abusive images of children)
  • The impact of Porn on emotions
  • Exposure to porn in relations to aggression
  • Internalising violent and non consensual messages
  • Desensitisation to reality and accepting Porn as the norm
  • Sexualisation/Body Image/Gender stereotyping
  • Objectification
  • Exploitation
  • Consent
  • The Law

Radicalisation Awareness


  • To learn about the terms radicalisation and extremism and what they mean
  • Why are young people vulnerable and why do young people become radicalised.
  • The use of the internet in grooming
  • Social media in the recruitment of children/yp
  • Spotting the signs of being radicalisation 
  • The radicalisation process


Moderen Day Dangers


  • Sexting
  • Social media and dangers incl legal ages
  • The use of the internet in grooming
  • Social media in the grooming of children/yp
  • Dating sites/apps
  • Chat rooms and gaming
  • ​Tips for personal safety
  • ​Reporting issues

What we believe in.

 Our lesson will show no explicit images/pornography but may contain potentially sensitive material.

Before we deliver in educational facilities we will:

•   Take into consideration the Schools ethos and make sure we deliver our  objectives in a respectful way taking into consideration faith/religious  issues.

•  All our lessons are tailored for specific ages and will be assessed with the School to make sure they are appropriate.

•  If deemed necessary by the school, parents/carers will be informed of offered further support if necessary.

•  All of our lessons are evaluated with students. This will be shared  with the school and will shape our future delivery if needed.